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Do I Need a Will?

There’s always plenty of time to get your affairs in order, until you get run over by a cement truck.
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When Should I Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

Here are four types of estate situations that could call for professional legal help.
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What’s the Latest with the Queen of Soul’s Estate?

Aretha Franklin’s long-standing $7.8 million debt to the Internal Revenue Service has been paid in full, her estate says in a new court filing.
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RMD Formula Changes for First Time in 20 Years

The IRS has good news for retirees: you can now keep more money in your tax-deferred retirement accounts thanks to lower required minimum distributions (RMDs).
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Is a Roth Conversion a Good Idea when the Market Is Down?

Soaring inflation, interest rate hikes and the war in Ukraine have sparked ongoing stock market volatility. However, there may be a bright spot: the chance to save money on a Roth conversion.
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What Should I Know about Estate Planning before ‘I Do’?

The thought of weddings and romance, honeymoons, guest lists, where to register, etc., leaves little room for estate planning. This article will provide five estate planning tips for newlyweds.
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How Does My Inherited IRA Fit into Estate Planning?

Most people don’t know the first thing about the Secure Act and yet it has great impact on their retirement planning.
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Does Drinking a ‘Cuppa’ Stave Off Dementia?

Drinking this beverage lowers dementia risk, according to a new study.
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What If You Don’t have a Will?

A recent survey estimated that 68% of people die without a will. The consequences of dying without a will (‘intestate’) can be disastrous.
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Half of Americans Making More than $100K Don’t Have a Will

Among those who do not have an estate plan, 63% said that they have considered creating one in the past and 46% said they do not know how to start.
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