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Alabama Family Law

The matters that relate to family law are of the utmost concern to families. Legal services that intertwine with family law concerns navigate through matters such as divorce, child support, property division, and even mediation.

Palmer Law Firm can work with you on your family law matters and legal matters that relate to your family.


Let us start with the basics and genuinely understand what family law is all about in Alabama. Family law is a field in the legal world that focuses on issues concerning family and its relationship. These issues can range from adoption, child support, restraining orders, possession of marital properties, child custody, or divorce. Attorneys or lawyers in family law represent their clients in court proceedings by drafting, negotiating, and implementing actions that favor their clients. Family lawyers can either specialize in a specific family issue such as divorce or specialize in multiple family problems.

Palmer Law Firm handles multiple types of family law issues:

We recognize every family situation is unique and will tailor our family law services to fit the needs of each individual client.

A Fresh Approach to Divorce

Palmer Law Firm prides itself as a family law firm with a “fresh approach” to divorce, child custody and adoptions in Alabama.This fresh approach includes solutions that minimize the emotional and financial costs of an extended legal dispute. For many people, mediation or the collaborative divorce process are viable alternatives to resolving divorce issues in court. We will work with you and your spouse to reach an amicable solution to your divorce.

Your Adoption Attorney in North and Central Alabama

We are always happy to help people who are interested in growing their family through adoption. Palmer Law Firm handles all types of adoptions, including independent adoptions, relative adoptions, agency adoptions, step-parent adoptions, andadult adoptions.

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