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Real Estate Law

Are you thinking of settling down and buying or leasing a home? Want to develop, sell, torrent out a house? If so, we can help you make the best decisions while abiding by the law. At Palmer Law Firm, we handle all matters associated with residential real estate. We have guided many individuals through the residential closing process. We prepare and file all necessary documents, review buy/sell agreements, and negotiate real estate contracts. We perform the closing in-office or at your specified location to ensure that all of the planning that went into the real estate transaction results in a successful purchase. Our law firm gives you the support, guidance, and legal help in commercial and residential properties deals. We are available, dependable, and trustworthy.

What Is Real Estate Law?

Real estate, by definition, is a property of land or any development built on it. So, real estate laws are the legalities governing ownership and use of such properties. In practice, real estate law is broader and much more complex than that. Besides governing the buying, selling, renting, and development of real property, real estate law also entails property taxes, estate planning, deed and lease agreements, zoning, etc. Real estate laws will usually vary with the state and local government. These Laws will usually cover how the land can be utilized, depending on how it’s zoned.


Alabama is one of the few states that mandates one to retain an attorney to take care of the necessary documentation during a real estate transaction. So, you’re required by law to have a lawyer when buying or selling a residential or commercial property. But that's not the only reason you should get a real estate lawyer. Land and built properties are of high value, and so there are laws in place to govern how you should go about transactions related to real estate properties. Real estate laws are as ever-changing as the fluctuating real estate market. The purchase or sale of real estate represents one of the most significant transactions that our clients ever encounter. Palmer Law Firm is committed to safeguarding the interests of our clients throughout the entire closing process. Having an experienced real estate attorney by your side can help ensure that your transaction goes off without a hitch. Also, real estate buying is probably the most significant decision anyone can make. Any Errors when conducting real estate transactions can bring up risky, time-consuming, and costly disputes later. That said, you need a good real estate lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and abide by the law. While the whole real property transaction process can be overwhelming for the parties involved, closing is perhaps the most delicate and complicated step. There are multiple documents to bring and plenty more to sign, and this is usually overwhelming for the average real estate buyer or seller. A real estate lawyer can help you sort out and get your documentation right, especially when dealing with commercial real estate. On the plus side, real estate lawyers usually have connections with other professionals in the real estate space. So, our firm can help you find trusted experts at better rates.


How do you know when to get a real estate lawyer? While it’s not always mandatory to have an attorney in some transactions, it’s always best to contact a real estate attorney when you:

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